THE WILSON METHOD                                      



David Wilson offers one-on-one sessions on reversing the effects of Repetitive Stress Syndrome (RSS) for players from beginners to professional. He utilizes Restorative Yoga and Breathwork specifically focussed to the muscular and facial challenges created though years of playing each instrument, as well as those issues that stem from over-sitting.


As a musician, conductor and senior yoga teacher, David has spent over 25 years working with orchestral players. He has perfected a series of safe and effective therapeutic exercises specifically geared toward each orchestral category.


The Wilson Method for Instrumentalists has a solution for each voice of the orchestral family. You will go home with a set of full-body exercises and stretches specifically targeting the issues and challenges created by playing your instrument.


Strings, Winds, Brass, Percussionists and Pianists have all found these sessions extremely effective.


Appointments are 9-5, Monday to Friday.


Skype sessions are available, as are workshops in The Wilson Method for Instrumentalists.





“David makes you go away
feeling better about music,
the world and yourself.”

Martini Recorder Quintet