THE WILSON METHOD                                      



The Wilson Method uses Movement Re-Education, Kinesiology and Breath Therapy to reduce pain.

So much pain that is mis-diagnosed as "that's just life" or "aging" is actually not either, and is at least 70% under our control. In order to deal with the rigors of life, we are unconsciously gripping, tightening and holding our breath. We are using more muscles to move than is required, using up more energy than we need to. We are abandoning our core and therefore over-using our extremities in ways they were not designed to be used. To a great degree, the manner in which we are moving is causing us pain.

The Wilson Method can help.

The Unconscious Valsalva Maneuer (UVM) is the body’s physiological reaction to stress and/or trauma. It is an back-of-the-brain, sympathetic nervous system process, designed to protect our vulnerable torso against attack.

And protect us it does.

The UVM begins in the upper Rectus Abdominis muscle (our "Panic Button"), then (through the lightning-fast communications network known as fascia) spreads throughout the torso, recruiting the pectorals, sternocleidomastoid, trapezius, mastoid, lattissimus dorsi, amoung others.

The UVM is a brilliant mechanism designed to help protect ourselves from physical and/or emotional attacks. The problem is, in an effort to help us “never feel like that again” the brain keeps triggering the UVM, days, months and often years after the threat has passed. In these cases the person is using up energy by over-utilizing muscle groups to simply live; eventually energy drops, fascia becomes dry, muscles get rigid, and pain increases.

Therefore the UVM, when utilized over decades, speeds up the aging process, lowers immune system function and therefore can lead to what is being diagnosed as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia as well as generalized body pain, vocal isssues, acid reflux, asthma, COPD, sensitivities and allergies that are often put down to the process of aging.

David works with people from 18-90 suffering from “unexplained pain”, exhaustion, shortness of breath and mobility issues.



Happily, this same method of movement re-education also works for performing artists wishing to move with more flow, keep their voice strong and free during choreography, and dancers who wish to move with more ease and power.


"After attending two of David’s workshops, I am no longer afraid of the floor. In my younger years, I was a hiker and enjoyed downhill skiing. A back injury caused by a traffic accident was the reason I became less active. Though I had successful surgery 8 years ago, I was still afraid of falling. Since then I have been very careful where I walk, and have been unable to get down on the floor to do any kind of exercise, because I could never get up without assistance. In addition, I would find myself falling backwards on my chair if I tried to get up quickly.  By learning how to exhale with power and to relax my surface abdominals instead of tightening as I move; I now have much more power and mobility. I am able to get down and up from the floor faster and with much less pain, and rise from a chair with ease.  I look forward to working with David more in the future." 
Audrey Brooks
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“David Wilson’s workshop was exceptionally enlightening and transformational for my mind, body and spirit. I have been struggling with an injured (frozen) shoulder for the past year and David’s restorative yoga asanas, as well as his abilities with breath and sound had a profound impact on healing this injury. My range of motion increased dramatically as a result of David’s guidance around focusing the breath to release tension and pain. I am now able to move my body much more freely in my daily life.”                                                                                                                           

Laureen McNaughton
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


"For a better part of the year just prior to my first 10 week hatha yoga session with David, I was experiencing plantar fasciitis in both of my feet.  I had received medical treatment and learned the value of highly supportive footwear, but I never experienced full relief from the pain.  Beginning yoga with David and trusting his knowledge, instruction, process and care was the best thing I could have done to help heal my feet!  I am happy to report that the plantar fasciitis has never returned.  I have been able to take some what I have learned in David’s classes and integrate it into my health regimen.  I continue to be a student of David’s.  The presence he brings into his classes is helpful for not only my body, but for my mind and spirit as well."
Elizabeth S (happy on-going yoga student)
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
"David’s approach to breathing is refreshingly unique and accessible. Unlike traditional yoga pranayama that seeks to control or direct the breath, David takes breathing that has been shaped by our contemporary stressful lifestyles and postural misalignments and provides teachers and students with tools to help create a free and flow-full breath. I have been privileged to work with David in many classes and workshops. I have been able to personally integrate his teachings to help me more easily calm my body and mind. Beyond the personal benefits I regularly integrate his teachings into my yoga therapy programming to help students with everything from chronic pain, pelvic health, to cancer. If you are a yoga teacher, a student, a singer, if you deal with anxiety or asthma, if you have pelvic health issues, or really if you just have a curiosity to move better David’s work is a necessity to help you better access freedom in your breathing."                                                                                          
Sarah Garden
Co-Owner, Bodhi Tree Yoga, Regina Saskatchewan, Canada